Bali Bird Park Tour Package

Bali Bird Park Tours Packages, and Especially for those tourists who loves to see lots of Birds or even reptiles in the Bali zoo. We suggested to spend for few hours to see all of the different birds from all around the world, with the beautiful birds singing can be heard friendly when we came to the park. And for those visitors if they want to take any picture with the birds…proudly will be welcomed by the staff who looked after the place.And Opposite to the Bird Park area, there’s another one of a Reptiles park. Here we can see completely all different species of Reptiles.

Bali Starling in Bali Bird Park
Many kind of Birds from around can be find here such as Jalak Bali / Bali Starling ,Cockatoo,etc.Trips to get to Bali bird park is easy to reach, location of this place exist in Batubulan village,around one hour driving from Kuta area, with travel direction heading towards Ubud attractions place. And these Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park are frequently visited by locals or both Domestic, and Foreign Tourists.To make day more fun and comfortable, also get the detail Information and Reservation,please feels free to contact us Sorga Bali Tours