Bali Hai Cruise

The bali Hai Cruise is provides Bali tours and trips on our fleet of cruisers and sailing catamarans. The Bali Hai Cruise exploring the beautiful island in paradise of Lembongan Island. The cruise invites you to visit and see the beautiful white sandy beach, colorful coral and fishes with the luxurious cruise ship. Bali Hai Cruise serves your adventure to have the exciting experience with the attractive activities on the board and explore the beach and village at Lembongan Island. It provides the perfect choice of cruise to Lembongan island which leads you to experience the exciting cruise on choice like Reef Cruise, Aristocat, Casteway, Beach Club Cruise, Ocean Rafting, Dolphin and South Coast Bali Cruise, Sunset Dinner, Hai Tide Huts and Bali Hai Diving Adventure.