Bali Zoo Park Tour Package

Overview Of Bali Zoo Park Tour Package:
Bali Zoo Park  Located in Ubud Gianyar Bali. Bali Zoo Park  Bali Tour is  an hour drive from your hotel on the southern part of the island and is just 15 minutes from the central part of Ubud. Bali Zoo Park Tour is arranged to give more information to any traveler about the natural animal life. Bali Zoo Park, a tropical wildlife in Paradise. It is the perfect wildlife conservatory for 350 animals of tropical birds, mammals and reptiles. Set in 3.5 hectare of naturalistic landscapes, the park is spaciously built in 30,000 m2 with tall trees, long grasses and thick vegetation, re-creating a natural habitat for the animals. The zoo promotes an effective learning about wildlife conservation especially for the children; it also acts as facilitation to reintroduce the endangered animals.

The exhibits of mammals ranging from primates, deers, camel, kangaroos, and Sumatran Tigers. The popular tropical birs such as Cassowary, Peacocks, Cockatoos, Bali Starling and Asian bred bird types. Other exhibits include reptiles, among them the komodo dragons (the largest living lizard only found in Indonesia), Iguanas, green snakes and python.

Tropical Garden
The expansive park set in magnificient garden filled with tropical plants and water features provide natural environment for the animals. The landscaped was designed with variety of plants may be use either as herbal medicine (Kayu Putih, Cengkeh, Mengkudu, Matoa, Cendana etc.), cooking ingredients (Melinjo, Lemo, Salam), for making preparation of ceremonial (Nagasari, Coconuts, Bambu Kuning, Majegau, Perasok,Palm Uduh, Lontar etc.)