Borneo Adventure

Overview Of Borneo Orangutan Tours And Adventure: As one of the biggest tropical rain forest, the island is also home for hundreds species of flora and fauna. The Dayak Peoples which is known as the head hunter during head hunting expedition age in the past. Recognized almost 200 hundreds different tribes, spread to entire borneo and each tribe has totally different culture, language and tradition. For any natural lover, trip to Borneo offer something totally unique. The island give lot of adventures activities to choice for including:

Cruising the mighty Mahakam River and it’s tributaries on a house boat at East Kalimantan , which meanders through thousands of kilometers through one of the worlds largest tropical rainforests. Here we will meet the Dayak Tribes, the indigenous people of Borneo Island. The twenty main Dayak tribes – once feared as headhunters have their homes in this river basin. We will observe their traditional way of life, longhouses, dances and also to meet the women with long earlobes and the men with beautifully elaborate tattoos.